All Time Best Beauty Advice

No matter who you are, where you come from and where you stand today, we're sharing with you the ultimate best beauty advice of all time. You may have already checked out your favourite beauty forum or have asked your best friend for some beauty advice, am I right? Well, we've asked our friend Stacey Sztricsko for a tip! Who is she? Let's find out.

Stacey is a certified and insured Medical Aesthetician serving the Simcoe County area in Ontario. She is a small town business owner of Beauty By Stacey where this salon includes a wide range of services making it a one stop shop for all things beauty. She's totally an inspirational ambitious woman! So let's get to it, Stacey shares her best beauty advice she has ever received!

"The best beauty advice I have ever received would be to not compare yourself to others, but instead, celebrate your uniqueness and imperfections. My mother was the one who embedded this into my head for a long time. How boring of a world would it be if we all looked the same. I think it is so easy nowadays to be comparing ourselves to everyone we see on social media. Not only that, but the beauty industry itself is BOOMING! I am seeing young, young girls with lash extensions, nail extensions, hair extensions, full faces of makeup everyday.. we have all seen it. This stems from social media and the unrealistic expectations that are placed upon women. As much as I love pampering myself and my clients, I still think it is important to celebrate our flaws and imperfections, and to acknowledge that it is ok to stand out and be different. If you want to tweak or change anything about yourselves, just make sure it is for yourself and the right reasons, not because it is what you think society expects of you." This is absolutely true and we completely agree that everyone should do things for the right reasons!

Stacey continues to share more thoughts on her beauty tip! "This is such an important thing for young girls to hear. Why? Because what we see on social media is not real and keeping up with hair, nails, lashes, fillers etc isn't financially feasible for everyone. We put way too much pressure on each other and spend too much time wishing we had thicker hair, longer nail beds, whiter teeth, whatever your insecurity may be. Do not lose sight of who you are! We are all beautiful, we are all worthy, and we are all deserving of love and respect. Comparing yourself to others is a dangerous road to go down. This can lead to things like eating disorders, mental health issues, such as depression, or even over spending on beauty products because you feel you need to own the latest lipstick, when it truly was not within your budget." Love it Stacey!


Stacey is such a unique entrepreneur as she shares her steps on how to mentally apply her ultimate beauty advice in real life. 

1. Daily affirmations! Repeat after me, "I am beautiful!" 
2. Reminding yourself that everyone has flaws - yes ladies, it is normal to have pores! 
3. Looking at old before and after pictures of celebrities before they got rich. Remember, even those we put up on a pedestal or consider to be perfect are still humans! 
4. Understanding that social media has highly edited / filtered photos and what we see is not in anyway, shape or form "natural" 
5. Follow more accounts on social media that celebrate their own insecurities and show raw and unedited photos of their everyday life. Some of these Instagram pages to checkout include Karinairby, Averyhoneycutt, and Bareurbeauty

Thanks for sharing your best beauty advice Stacey!

To find out more about Stacey Sztricsko and her medical spa, check her out on Instagram: @beautybystaceymedispa and official website at