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For some, feeling absolutely fabulous every day is a positive state a mind. This self-proclaimed Toronto based fashion blogger, gorgeous Youtuber and glamoholic explains why she speaks so highly of these Canadian lashes! She even mentions the comparison between Luv Lashes and Lilly Lashes!


But first, let's learn about how this beauty blogger started. "I work - I mean GLAM all the time. When I am not working, I am at the gym or walking my little Lola, aka the Glam Chihuahua Mascot. I love reading books on spirituality and while I love all this glam, my true mission is to empower everyone to be the best version of themselves and I know that they can be. Life is short and we need to live it fully." Pina is definitely a true advocate for lifestyle and empowerment, she continues, "my inspiration is ME in 5 years. I work on myself every day, and strive to be a better me so I can hit that target in 5 year intervals." What a beautiful inspiration!


Now, let's dive a bit deeper inside the head of the beauty boss entrepreneur Pina Di Biase and see what this "season pro" has to say about the best false eyelashes! Watch this video for the full Luv Lashes review!



Pina, the Fashion Justice TV youtube star is raving about Luv Lashes! "I just love my lashes, and the bigger the more dramatic, the bolder the better," she says, "But I wanted to show you what I discovered!" Pina speaks highly of our 3D luxury mink lashes and comments how fabulous they are. She mentions Luv Lashes are just "so light on the eye, airy, and flexible," as well as, "they're really easy to put on and they're really easy to manage." Continue along and watch until the end as she spills out more deets on the best local lashes in Canada.


Pina, the Canadian beauty blogger explains her thoughts when we asked her what she thought about our brand. "I love wearing lashes because they take you from zero to hero! You don’t need any make up when wearing gorgeous lashes! They glam you up in 5 minutes! I can’t live without them. I wear them everyday and I love the fact that you can get a different look with each style! Never boring! Luv Lashes are affordable, great quality, easy to wear (even for beginners) and they have a wide variety of styles to suit your specific need." Thank's Pina!


To find out more about Pina Di Biase and her Ontario beauty brand, check her out on Instagram: @glambypina and official website at ♡