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Luv Lashes Online was born in Ontario, Canada and discovered in 2018. We started in 2018 as an online-only store but now have reached new partnerships all throughout Canada. Luv Lashes Online was created to bring our beauty queens the best of the best, top quality luxury lashes. From everyday lashes to glam lashes, we've got you covered with our unique Premium Lash Collection. We endeavour on two main core values - being cruelty free and uplifting others through empowerment.





Our lashes and products are made 100% cruelty free and do not conduct any animal testing. All of our 3D mink lashes are handmade using naturally shed mink fur. These hairs have been thoroughly sterilized and then used to design our delicate full mink lashes. Our faux mink lashes are all made from synthetic fibres that look and feel as soft as real mink lashes. The term "3D" is used because our hairs are placed in many layers to give you a fluffy full lash set. With such a large selection of luxury lashes we are sure that you'll be able to add that perfect amount of glam for any occasion. All of our strip lashes super lightweight, perfect for beginners and are the most natural looking lashes you will ever wear.



It is our priority to make sure our lashes make you feel extremely beautiful, glamorous, luxurious and all of the above. Our mission is to empower women of all ages and provide outstanding confidence and self-admiration through wearing our luxury lashes.


We would like to thank you in advance for supporting and shopping at Luv Lashes Online. ♡