BLOG #2 - How To Apply False Lashes! (Lash Tutorial for Beginners)


My name is Jill Landry (@colorsbyjill) and I’m from Brandon, Manitoba. I am a salon owner (@oakandivysalon), a hairstylist and a self-taught makeup artist! I’ve been in the industry doing hair for 10 years and makeup for 6. I typically do 25 weddings each year! In my spare time I like to hang out with my two doggies and I mean I’d be lying if I didn’t say watching Netflix!

When recommending lash styles to clients I typically like to ask them how much makeup they wear day to day, have they worn lashes before and most importantly their eye shape. I personally prefer a strip lash over lash extensions because I find them more dramatic and I love the fact that I can take them off at the end of the day and be able to rub my eyes and have a completely clean face!!! Even if you don’t wear lashes on a daily basis, adding some to your look for an event like a wedding, really elevates your glam, gives you that extra pop and they look amazing in photos!
Luv Lashes are hands down the easiest lashes I’ve ever worked with. They are very comfortable on the eyes and easy to apply which to me is the most important thing and they have a style for literally everyone!
I hope this video gives you an extra tip or two when it comes to applying those gorgeous lashes.
Jill Landry ♡